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Amplificatoare audio, mixere audio, amplificatoare auto, boxe audio

Amplificatoare audio, mixere audio, amplificatoare auto, boxe audio, sonorizare, boxe active



Boxa IP54 100V/50W Visaton VS-WB13W
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2-way compact speakers in a sturdy plastic housing (black), fitted with one 13 cm woofer and one tweeter providing broad frequency response. Well suited for music and voices. Universally applicable to professional PA or in the home. Can be run as a 100 V system or as 8 ohm units due to an integrated transformer. 100 V transformer and 8 ohm mode are selected using a knob. Swivelling fixing bracket allows the speakers to be mounted horizontally or vertically, as required, and the housing is equipped with a threaded hole for attaching to a bracket or swivelling arm

Difuzor miniatura, smd, 0.8W, 15x15mm, 8ohmi, SMS-1508MS-2-R
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PUI Audio, Inc.

Difuzor miniatura  0.8W, 15x15mm, 8ohmi, SMS-1508MS-2-R

Difuzor miniatura 15x3.5mm LD-SP-U15/8A

COD: 48881

4,80 RON (Pretul include TVA)
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LD-SP-U15/8A Difuzor miniatura 15m

Difuzor miniatura 15.5x3.5mm LD-SP-U15.5/8A

COD: 51918

4,84 RON (Pretul include TVA)
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LD-SP-U15.5/8A Difuzor miniatura 15.5m

Difuzor miniatura BLS50-12 50mm 0.25W

COD: 40583

5,60 RON (Pretul include TVA)
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Difuzor miniatura 50mm BLS50-1

Difuzor miniatura 28mm LD-SP-2808

COD: 40034

6,00 RON (Pretul include TVA)
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LD-SP-2808 Difuzor mylar diam. 28x4,9mm 0,5/1,0W 8 Ohm 81dB RoHS

Difuzor miniatura, 57x13mm, 8 ohmi, LD-SP-5708

COD: 41844

6,80 RON (Pretul include TVA)
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LD-SP-5708 Difuzor universal diam. 57x13mm 0,5/1,0W 8 Ohm 90d

Difuzor miniatura 18x4,2mm LD-SP-U18/8A

COD: 53211

7,00 RON (Pretul include TVA)
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LD-SP-U18/8A Difuzor miniatura 18m

Difuzor miniatura 66x16mm, 8 OHMI, LD-SP-6608

COD: 45663

7,00 RON (Pretul include TVA)
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LD-SP-6608 Difuzor universal diam. 66x16,3mm 0,5/1,0W 8 Ohm 89dB RoHS

Difuzor miniatura 40mm, 16 ohmi, 0.3W, BMS-4011

COD: 40026

7,00 RON (Pretul include TVA)
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BMS-4011 Difuzor palnie mylar, 40x6,5mm 0,15/0,3W 82dB 16 OHm