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Kituri electronice hobby

Kituri audio si module electronice hobby, amplificaotare audio, rgb led, comenzi relee

Amplificator audio mono, clasa D, 20W, AD-D01
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Amplificator audio mono, pretabil sonorizari auto, hobby, alarme, max. 20W rms;
functionare in clasa D
Alimentare: 9-15Vcc;
Sarcina: 4..8 ohm; 


Cantitatea minimă pentru "Amplificator audio mono, clasa D, 20W, AD-D01" este 1.

AD-019 Preamplificator microfon electret

COD: 29171

15,00 RON (Pretul include TVA)
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Modul preamplificator microfon cu electret. Ualim: 9Vcc. Dim: 25X45mm.

RC8205 telecomanda pt AD-IR08

COD: 32629

17,00 RON (Pretul include TVA)
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RC8205 telecomanda pt AD-IR08

Filtru deparazitare auto 5A FILTR.5A

COD: 45235

22,00 RON (Pretul include TVA)
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FILTR.5A Filtru antiparazitare 5A pentru instalatie auto12V

Amplificator AD-022 100W Mono

COD: 26516

29,00 RON   22,00 RON (Pretul include TVA)
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Modul amplificator audio mono. Putere 100W. Ualim: +/- 30Vcc. TDA7294 / Sensibilitate 1Vvv. Dim:53x46mm.

Amplificator AD-002 2x10W Stereo

COD: 13115

24,00 RON (Pretul include TVA)
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Modul amplificator audio stereo. Putere 2x10W. Ualim:12Vcc. Dim:60x55mm.

Filtru deparazitare, auto, 7A, FILTR.7A

COD: 45189

27,00 RON (Pretul include TVA)
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FILTR.7A Filtru antiparazitare 7A pentru instalatie auto 12V

Amplificator AD-023 200W Mono

COD: 26565

39,50 RON (Pretul include TVA)
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Modul amplificator audio mono. Putere 200W. Ualim: +/-30Vcc. 2xTDA7294 / Sensibilitate 1Vvv. Dim: 93x53mm.

AD-IR-DRIVER02 cu telecomanda

COD: 33039

45,50 RON (Pretul include TVA)
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Comanda IR ( infrarosu ), 2 canale /Setare functionare de tip Momentan sau On/Off setabile individual pe fiecare releu, Functie invatare telecomanda / 2 Relee 10A/220Vac / Ualim12Vcc / Telecomanda uzuala tip RC5 38kHZ, TELECOMANDA NU ESTE INCLUSA - LIVRABILA OPTIONAL

Sursa alimentare leduri 350mA/3X1W LED TRF06
53,00 RON (Pretul include TVA)
Stoc Limitat
Small sized constant current LED driver 350mA for maximum 3x1W power led. Due the terminal connection for solid wire for primary and secondary it is easy to connect many of the drivers together without using a terminal strip