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TWR-MECH, Freescale Semiconductor

Placa de dezvoltare, robot,; TWR-MECH, Freescale Semiconductor

Denumire Produs: TWR-MECH, Freescale Semiconductor

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Stoc Limitat
    Silicon Manufacturer: Freescale
    Core Architecture: ColdFire
    Core Sub-Architecture: Coldfire v2
    Silicon Core Number: MCF52259
    Silicon Family Name: MCF5225x
    No. of Bits: 32bit
    Kit Contents: Tower Mechatronics Board with ColdFire MCF52259, Tower Mechatronics Board User Guide
    Features: 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis magnetometer, 12-ch touch sensor, Open Source BDM
    SVHC: No SVHC (16-Jun-2014)
    Kit Features: MCF52259 32bit Microcontroller with 64K RAM, 512K Flash, MPR121 Capacitive Touch Sensor
    MCU Supported Families: MCF5225X, MMA8451Q, MRP121,
Mechatronics Tower System Module
The TWR-MECH is a mechatronics tower system Module. It is an easy to use mechatronics development and demonstration platform. The tower system mechatronic module has a three axis accelerometer, three axis magnetometer and a twelve channel touch sensor. It is programmable in C/C++ using CodeWarrior and an onboard OSBDM flash programming tool. For fast prototyping or for individuals without C/C++ experience, the module is supported by stick OS. The robot (FSLBOT) kit operates with the tower mechatronics module to create an easy to use mechatronics development and demonstration platform. It is designed specifically to be used and programmed with stick OS BASIC. More advanced users can take programming to new levels of functionality with the use of CodeWarrior and tower system.
    MCF52259 32bit MCU with 64K RAM, 512K flash
    MPR121 capacitive touch sensor
    MMA8451Q three axis accelerometer
    Optional plug in sensor daughter boards available for touch, accelerometer, magnetometer
    Control up to eight PWM RC servo motors (compatible with VEX three wire servos)
    Can be used standalone or plugged into the tower system
    Integrated open source BDM (8bit 9S08JM60 USB enabled MCU)
    Programmable in C/C++ using CodeWarrior
    Supported by stick OS
TWR-MECH module with a MCF52259 32bit MCU, User guide document, Quick start guide document.
    Sensing & Instrumentation
    Motor Drive & Control
    Communications & Networking
    Embedded Design & Development
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