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Poza PC-21MT-0 Sonda de temperatura in IR 0-250C mica

PC-21MT-0 Sonda de temperatura in IR 0-250C

Denumire Produs: PC-21MT-0

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Stoc Limitat

Infrared sensors for temperature range -20C up to 250C or 500C and optical resolution 2:1, 15:1 or 30:1.
Stainless steel housing, quick and easy installation, compact and ideal for cost-sensitive applications. The sensor will operate in ambient temperatures between 0 and 50C or even higher with special accessories. Optional air purge collars and fixed/adjustable brackets. The 4-20mA output is fully compatible with Pixsys controllers/indicators without need for external supply of the sensor which can be connected directly to the controllers.


Measuring range -20C to 250C or 500C
Fixed emissivity 0,95
Field-of-view 2:1, 15:1 or 30:1
Output 4-20mA
Accuracy +/-1% of reading or +/- 1C
Repeatability +/- 0,5% of reading or +/- 1C
Response time 240 mSec (90% response)
Spectral response 8 to 14µm
Power supply 24Vdc (min. 9Vdc max 28Vdc)
Cable lenght 1m integrated (two wires + shield)
Ambient temperature 0...50C
Stainless steel construction
Environmental rate IP65
Dimensions 18mm diameter x 103mm lenght




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