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Newhaven-LCD_NHD-1.27, mica

Afisor, paralel, serial, graphic, OLED, color, seria, NHD-1.27

Denumire Produs: NHD-1.27, Newhaven

Preț: 219,24 RON

(Pretul include TVA)
Stoc Limitat

Afisor, paralel, serial, graphic, OLED, color, seria, NHD-1

Newhaven Display NHD-1 graphic color OLED display modules feature 262k colors/18-bit, rich black levels, and a >160 degree viewing area for superior visual qualities and smooth motion graphics that are sharp and quick. When fully assembled, the NHD-1 color OLEDs are only 5mm thick compared to the 10mm thickness for standard OLEDs. The NHD-1 color OLEDs low power design is enhanced by not having a back light. Also, all models include a standard sleep mode to conserve energy.


  • 262k colors/18-bit
  • Serial or Parallel interface
  • Fully assembled 5mm thick vs 10mm for standard OLEDs
  • No backlight
  • Low power
  • Features a sleep mode to conserve energy
  • Module features all necessary logic
  • Viewing area >160 degrees
  • 10us (microseconds) Response time
  • 2000:1 contrast ratio
  • Optional touch panels available
  • Rich black levels (deep black levels)
  • Passive matrix displays
  • 256-step brightnes
  • NHD-1.27-12896UGC3:
    • 1.27" diagonal
    • Resolution: 128 x 96 pixels
    • SSD1351 Controller



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