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Poza Voltmetru digital LCD profesional DPM1AS-BL mica

Voltmetru digital LCD profesional DPM1AS-BL

Denumire Produs: Voltmetru digital LCD profesional DPM1AS-BL

Preț: 195,00 RON

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Stoc Limitat

Voltmetru panel LCD profesional DPM1AS-BL - Made in UK

Voltmetru subminiatura cu LCD 3 1/2 cifre 0-200mV

The DPM 1AS-BL is an ultra-miniature 3½ digit LCD voltmeter with 5.5mm (0.22") digit height and LED backlighting. It features a negative rail generator which enables the meter to measure a signal referenced to its own power supply GND. The meter plugs directly into a SIL socket or can be snapped into a panel. Connection to the meter is via two rows of pins. The DPM 1AS-BL is intended to replace the DPM 1, DPM 1S, DPM 1-BL and DPM 1S-BL in many applications, usually requiring only minor circuit modifications. This is a popular part, normally stocked in high quantity and suitable for new designs. 

Specification Min. Typ. Max. Unit
Accuracy (overall error) *   0.1   % (±1 count)
Linearity     ±1  count
Sample rate   2.5   samples/sec
Operating temperature range 0   50 

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